Using our drone we now offer reality capture of our building sites, this enables the generation of a 3D model that is then used inside our Cad models. The accuracy of this technology when using ground control points (GCPs) is +-20mm.

Smaller or confined area capture – Point cloud

Confined or internal small spaces are also able to be captured using a hand held cameras.

Why use reality capture?

1)      Reduce onsite time.

  • This is fast technology. Most site captures are normally completed in the order of 30mins on site, 4 hours of processing (1 hour of manual processing and 3 hours automated).
  • Smaller spaces can be achieved as little as 5mins on site, with hand held cameras, 1 hour of automated processing, or as we say click and forget.

 2)      Reduce modelling / drawing time.

  • Our Cad staff are some of the best in the industry, using reality capture directly into our Cad models, to reduce modelling and drawing times.

 3)      Accuracy.

  • Using ground control the accuracy of this technology is +-20mm or better in smaller spaces.

 4)      Capture everything.

  • When compared to traditional survey methods, we now see everything, every feature that is picked up by the camera is generated in the point cloud. This gives everybody involved in the project he ability to see and understand the site even if they have never been there.